” Enhancing capacities for improving intervention “

Who we are?

“Actions for Vulnerable Children” is one of the projects implemented by Ricerca e Cooperazione in Middle East. The project is carried out in cooperation with 18 Egyptian organizations and is funded by the Italian-Egyptian Debt for Development Swap program.

Children’s vulnerability is an issue that Egypt has been facing for years especially in urban areas, where the Egyptian government as well as several national and international organizations are working to address this phenomenon.

While the precise magnitude of the problem has yet to be measured, it is estimated that more than one million children are vulnerable, as they find themselves in diverse difficult circumstances. The expression “vulnerable children” includes various child categories, among which street children, working children and disabled ones.

Recent studies and reports tackling the issue of child vulnerability in Egypt all tend to show that it is the consequence of various interrelated factors. Poverty, family breakdown, and child abuse and neglect seem to be the leading causes.

Objectives and Actions

Our project aims to:

I) Contribute to reduce the obstacles preventing the rehabilitation and reintegration of vulnerable children;

II) Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of NGOs/CSOs working on the field;

III) Improve the well-being of families.

What we do?

The project is organized in two components:

Capacity building

Various trainings are offered to selected local organizations’ staff in order to strengthen their capacities.  Four main thematic areas have been identified according to the trainees’ needs: Psychosocial, Law & Rights, Management and Creativity. Training sessions are adapted to suit the participants’ needs, background, tasks, role and education.

Microcredit and VSLA

A fund for micro/small loans is allocated to one Egyptian organization and a series of trainings are provided both to the organization’s staff and the beneficiaries of the loans in order to enhance their skills. Furthermore, at least 5 CDAs will take part in a Voluntary Saving Loan Association program experimenting a new challenging system that allows very poor strata of the population to access to loans through group savings.

Have a look of our website clicking here

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