Through adopting an innovative and unprecedented strategy, CINEMANET – Promoting Independent Cinema across Egyptintended to open up new venues for increasing the visibility of Independent Cinema and promoting a new cinematographic culture in Egypt.

The project aimed to increase the number and quality of independent cinema events throughout the country, especially in “culturally marginalized areas”, by strengthening local cultural operators’ capacities to organize, promote and manage this particular kind of events. At the same time, CINEMANET also pursued the enhancement of the role of cinema and the promotion of Egyptian independent and young filmmakers’ movies across the country. Moreover, CINEMANET produced short-films/short-docs (Rising Stars #2) and organized the second edition of the Masry Asly Independent Film Festival (MAIFF).

3_masryasliThe MASRY ASLY INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL took place in 3 Egyptian cities, Cairo, Aswan and Damanhour from the 15 March to the 15 April and showcased 30 short-films and documentaries. The concept, as for the first edition, was to present films about Egypt, made by Egyptians or produced in Egypt, in order to highlight the independent productions and give the talented filmmakers the opportunity to screen their work. Check all the infos and synopsis here:

Here below the trailer of the Festival


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