MInnA – Misr Innovative Art Platform

MInnA – Misr Innovative Arts Platform is a year long Cultural Programme (February 2017 – January 2018), coordinated by RC – Ricerca e Cooperazione Egypt and implemented in partnership with AUEED – Association of Upper Egypt for Education and Development, Innovety and Orient Productions.  The Project is funded by the European Union.

MInnA aims at strengthening the roles and capacities of the Egyptian artists and cultural operators, in order to make their work more sustainable and expand their programmes and audiences. This stemmed from an assessments of needs: lack of professional training opportunities for Egyptian performers, lack of public or private funding system for production, need to create awareness towards arts and culture in the young generations.  That’s why the Project activities address the three main components of the Cultural Sector’s value chain:

– Artists/Cultural Operators’ Capacity Building
– Production
– Dissemination of the Artistic Performances/Events produced or supported by the Project.

The word MInnA, could also refer to the Egyptian dialect min-na, which means «from us» in the sense of producing something from each of us working together. And it is exactly what MInnA Project is about.

In 2016 RC, AUEED, Innovety and Orient Productions decided to get together in a Consortium, to extract from the addition and fusion of their different approaches, activities and targets, the common objectives, the relevant crossing connections, that could be implemented to build new capacities between them and impact their targets at the national level. The Founders represent a variegated range of expertise addressing different target groups and areas while working in different fields.

MINNA is the first officially established interdisciplinary artistic and cultural network, aiming at building an Independent Egyptian Cultural System at the national level in Egypt. The network has the ambition of defining a common language of the artistic and cultural community in Egypt: the shared values of the stakeholders and cultural managers operating in the cultural sector in Upper Egypt, Alexandria, Delta and Cairo areas, the good practices to share, the activities that could be strengthened by interacting complementary with each other, the innovative strategies to use to guarantee sustainability to the artists’ work.

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