CINEDELTA is a one-year documentary film education program for 20 students from around the Delta Region in Egypt. The program is co-funded by the European Union and implemented jointly by Fig Leaf Studios and the Italian NGO Ricerca e Cooperazione. This education program is designed by Fig Leaf Founders in Alexandria, whereas mentorship is led by renowned regional & international mentors, filmmakers, and professors. CINEDELTA is implemented through a series of workshops, lectures, master classes, and documentaries productions. The nature of each session fluctuates between theory and practice. This aims to give way to fresh documentary film productions with a special thematic focus on the Delta Region, hence its given name.
Why Delta? It’s an obscured cultural haven for film-makers, where Mediterranean culture lingers on the relic of glorious past and striving present.
CINEDELTA also organizes an itinerant Documentary Film Festival, taking place in Alexandria and other cities of the Delta Region (a festival preview will be organized in Cairo). The documentaries produced by CINEDELTA will be screened during the festival and in other events abroad as the Yalla Shebab Film Festival in Italy. Directors of two of the best films screened at CINEDELTA festival will be awarded professional residencies abroad, to improve their capacities.
The project is implemented in collaboration with Goethe Institut, Swedish Institute Alexandria, DEDI – Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute, Institut Français d’Egypte, British Council, Embassy of the U.S.A. to Egypt and Fine Arts Sector – Alexandria Art Museum and Library.

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