Building Careers for Young Talents in the Independent Music Industry

The idea of Retune Music Academy (RMA) was born as an evolution of the Retune Studio project. That project provided us with the opportunity to create a promising ground for the promotion of young talented musicians in Egypt. The Egyptian independent music sector, however, also includes young people working “beside the stage” as technicians and event organizers who contribute to make the scene alive. In the design of this action, all the successful elements and methods previously applied have been taken into consideration to propose a project that goes ahead in developing a more sustainable and blooming music hub.

retune-newlogo 300copyRMA project aims to promote social inclusion and to strengthen the role of culture as a factor of economic growth on the long-term. The purpose of this trend is to give culture a more prominent socio-economic role in the development of the independent music industry in Egypt. By promoting and encouraging the diversity of artistic expression will be possible to provide young people with the tools for their insertion in the world of work and in the society. Culture industries are characterized by a high level of innovation and creativity in the market, create jobs outside the public sector, have large employment potential and are strongly anchored in local context. For these reason, with this project we are aiming to increase job opportunities by developing and promoting a cultural hub for the professionalization of young Egyptians in the independent music industry. The project will work on the development of a structured music hub where different but interrelated layers and target groups merge for the growth of the independent music sector in Egypt. By allowing the professionalization of music operators, young talented musicians and cultural workers, we expect to increase job opportunities in the cultural sector.

The action will make use of capacity building and development of relevant skills as means for encouraging the diversity of artistic expressions in the Egyptian independent music industry. Thanks to the establishment of a music hub, the project will provide target groups with the tools for entering into the labour market and creating new job opportunities. Eventually, Retune Music Academy that will become a point of reference for anyone wishing to work in the independent music scene.

The Academy will be structured in different but interrelated layers in which the different specializations are tailored according to the diverse target groups. For the next generation of studio and concert operators (150 young people), 130 days of workshops on sound and light engineering, stage management, video-clips making and editing.

For 30 emerging young musicians/bands, 1 residency in Cairo, 1 track recorded, 1 profile (bio and pics) built up and ultimately, 7 video clips produced together with a 50-day musical skill enhancement workshops (vocals and phonetic, basic music knowledge, computer music, performing on stage).

Moreover, 6,000 CD of 3 Retune Compilations will be printed and distributed and its contents uploaded on To give the proper visibility to these artists, 4 Retune Concert will take place in Cairo and Asyut and 4 showcases abroad will be arranged.

Indeed, additional 50 days of workshops will be organized to link the different cultural operators (at least 10) in the music sector and tackle issues as marketing and promotion, artist/band management, copyrights and royalties with the support of national and international trainers. Moreover, meetings with private companies representatives (at least 6) and well-established musicians (at least 10) are also previewed.

In this manner, the action will achieve three additional relevant results: it will implement activities in marginalized areas (i.e. Asyut and talent scouting), widening the cultural sphere of action in Egypt; it will make beneficiaries aware about IPR, copyrights and royalties issues; and it will foster the development of music-related professions.

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